Top Hardwood Species For Hardwood Flooring

Are you planning for a flooring makeover? The changes should meet your needs and match your taste. Have you considered upgrading to wooden floors? It is a material with a charming appeal and has featured in many homes over the centuries.

It is relatively hard to go wrong with wooden floors since they are made from hardwood. Some of the top hardwood species used for wood flooring include:

1. Red Oak
Red oak has moderate to heavy graining. It is a popular choice for domestic applications. The red oak has some slight color variations ranging from brown to creamy reddish pinks, which distinguish it from the White Oak.

2. White Oak
White oak also enjoys a sufficient acknowledgment as the flooring material of choice, but it is relatively more rigid than Red oak. It has a golden-brown hue with gray undertones. White oak is an excellent option if you want floors that exude that vintage elegance and has exceptional stability.

3. American Cherry
American cherry is a softer timber compared to most hardwood species. However, it makes up for this via unmatched graceful graining and hue that exudes a warm feeling. The color will darken with age achieving a resonant reddish-brown tone.

4. American Walnut
The American walnuts is another softwood that is prone to dents and scratches. Nevertheless, it is a top pick for homeowners love how its chocolatey brown shade can warm up a room. The American Walnut can have some color variations ranging from light tan to a fading-brownish hue that shows off the knots and grain distinctions.

5. Birch
You can pick between the Red birch or Yellow birch, each having its strong suits. The yellow birch is from the tree’s sapwood, which has a creamy white color and some yellow undertones. The red birch is from the birch tree’s heartwood stock, with distinctive golden-brown color with red undertones. Birchwood has a uniform curl and graining that gives a distinct flooring finish.

6. Hard Maple
Hard maple has a creamy white hue with some blackish to brownish mineral streaks. It is a challenging variety that does not stain evenly. As such, it is best to consider a pre-stained, pre-finished hard maple flooring wood. Its hardiness makes it a durable investment worth considering.

7. Hickory
It is one of the hardwood species used for domestic flooring. It exudes a natural color variation that ranges from medium browns to creamy whites. The broader planks are the best choice since they put on display the wood’s uniquely attractive graining.


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